Fellow Patriots!

The power of ordinary people to control Colorado gets weaker every day, as political insiders on both sides fight to protect their own power and privilege at the expense of our well-being.

We need to restore what we really believe in -- real freedom for the people, real democracy, and real free enterprise. That's why I'm running to be your next state representative from House District 22.

Please join me in the fight to keep Colorado House District 22 in our hands by signing this statement of support for my campaign.

Thank You!

Frank Francone - Candidate HD 22

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State House

Not paid for at taxpayer expense

 Statement of Support
Frank Francone for House District 22


I believe we need to send strong conservative leaders to the State House. 

That's why I'm signing my "Statement of Support" for your campaign for House District 22.

Please continue fighting for Coloradans and know that we stand with you!


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